Business Litigation Attorneys

At ACI Law Group, we have years of experience assisting owners of small and large businesses alike. We understand the complexities of federal and state laws that govern corporate behavior, and we have the knowledge clients need to protect their business.

Depending on the specific elements of each case, business and corporate law matters have a large array of legal issues. Our experienced corporate law attorneys handle each case with personal attention and sophistication. We understand that no two cases can be exactly alike, and we approach each case discerningly.

While businesses can encounter many different legal issues, the dedicated advocates at ACI Law Group have experience handling a variety of corporate matters. We regularly handle transactional law matters, and we also have experience litigating various business law claims including, but not limited to the following types of cases:

  • Breach of contract or fiduciary duty;
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes;
  • Business torts;
  • Commercial collections;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Employment law issues and other matters concerning the employer-employee relationship;
  • Enforcement of creditor judgments;
  • International business disputes;
  • Trade barriers and international law;
  • Letters of credit and credit practice; and
  • Commercial leasing and escrow disputes.Given our years of experience handling international trade and customs matters, our business law attorneys are uniquely qualified to assist with international business law issues and disputes.

The experienced international business lawyers at ACI Law Group have the knowledge and dedication clients need to achieve a favorable outcome in their case. We know that corporate law matters can be complex and costly, but we are committed to our clients and to achieving the best possible results in each case we handle.



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