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ACI Law Group has extensive experience handling maritime and transportation law cases in both state and federal courts. In addition to addressing cases concerning the ports of Southern California, we also have experience dealing with matters in Florida, New York, Washington, D.C., and other ports across the country.

Our attorneys know that maritime and transportation matters take many different forms, and we have the experience necessary to handle clients’ cases in a timely and sophisticated manner. We understand that maritime and transportation law issues often are closely intertwined, and we work with each client to discern the distinct elements of every case.

Maritime and transportation law cases can be extremely complicated. Given that these matters frequently involve both state and federal laws important to secure a dedicated maritime attorney.

Maritime and Transportation Law Services

Maritime and transportation law are broad fields, and they can encompass many different kinds of cases. Our practice can assist with all of our clients’ maritime and transportation law needs, regardless of the intricacy of each case.

ACI Law Group’s transportation attorneys know that no two cases are the same. Indeed, we take an individual approach to each case, tailoring our practice to clients’ needs. Our attorneys have experience handling claims across these fields, including but not limited to:

  • Cargo claims involving ocean, air, trucking, and rail transportation;
  • Freight collections and disputes;
  • Maritime and carrier’s lien actions;
  • Compliance matters;
  • Vessel and cargo arrest;
  • Charter parties disputes;
  • Jones Act claims;
  • Licensing matters related to transportation;
  • Demurrage and per diem collection;
  • Marine insurance and the right of subrogation;
  • Abandonment and GO cargo claims;
  • Certification and validation matters;
  • Defense against U.S. Customs penalties, TSA penalties, and IAC compliance;
  • Contractual claims concerning bills of lading, sales agreements with shipping lines, warehouse agreements, trucking depot and yard lease agreements;
  • Premises liability claims;
  • UIIA contract agreements;
  • General transportation agreements;
  • Overweight citations; and
  • General Average law.

Maritime and transportation law matters across the country can involve a wide range of issues. It’s important to secure legal counsel with experience and industry-specific knowledge. The maritime lawyers at ACI Law Group have years of experience addressing complex maritime and transportation law matters across our state and, indeed, throughout the country.



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