Outside Corporate Counsel for Your Business

For small and medium-sized businesses that require advising about corporate law matters, the experienced outside corporate counsel attorneys at ACI Law Group assist clients with various legal and business matters.  Working with outside corporate counsel can be an extremely practical and cost-effective alternative to hiring in-house counsel, particularly working with a team of lawyers that has experience in a variety of business law issues.

At ACI Law Group, our corporate attorneys work closely with each client to understand the operations of his or her business and to provide personalized representation.  As effective outside corporate counselors, we learn about the nuances associated with each business we represent, and our firm has experience handling a range of corporate issues.

Business Lawyers and Outside Corporate Counsel Services

Every business is different.  At ACI Law Group, we strive to acquire a deep understanding of the issues affecting each of our clients.  With background experience in international trade and corporate law, intellectual property, real estate, and employment law, our attorneys are uniquely qualified to act as outside corporate counsel for many different types of businesses.

Our outside corporate counsel lawyers can handle any of our clients’ business law needs, including but not limited to the following:

  • Commercial contracts and leases;
  • Licensing agreements;
  • Compliance matters;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Advising on fiduciary duties;
  • Employee hiring and employment contracts;
  • Employee termination;
  • Drafting employee handbooks and regulations;
  • Contract negotiation;
  • Executive compensation;
  • Evaluation of insurance coverage needs;
  • Intellectual property matters, including patent and trademark protection;
  • International trade matters;
  • Commerce agreements;
  • Real estate sales and acquisitions; and
  • Arbitration, litigation, and dispute resolution.

For many businesses, working with outside corporate counsel can provide the legal solutions they need while saving them money.  Many smaller and medium-sized businesses don’t need to incur the costs associated with in-house counsel.  At ACI Law Group, we provide sophisticated and personalized outside corporate counsel solutions to all of our clients’ business law matters.

Hiring Outside Corporate Counsel

As a firm that specializes in both local and global matters, ACI Law Group can provide experienced outside corporate counsel to every type of business. Many businesses find that hiring outside corporate counsel is cost-effective and pragmatic.  Indeed, as an alternative to in-house counsel, outside corporate counsel allows to seek the legal advice clients need about any facet of its business at a fraction of the cost.

At ACI Law Group, our business lawyers have years of experience acting as outside corporate counsel to a variety of businesses in the area.  Our advocates work closely with our clients to understand the inner workings of its business, and we provide tailored representation to meet our clients’ needs.



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