International Trade and Customs Lawyers & Professionals

Many different entities, including individuals and businesses, can benefit from trade advisory services.  Whether our client is a product designer, distributor, or broker, the experienced international trade attorneys and specialists can provide sophisticated trade advisory services.

International trade law can be very complicated.  Given that international commerce requires to deal with importing and exporting laws, U.S. customs compliance matters, and in some cases, international arbitration, it’s very important to secure experienced counsel.  Our attorneys and professionals provide trade advisory services to a variety of U.S. and international clients, including but not limited to:

  • Product manufacturers;
  • Designers and inventors;
  • Product distributors;
  • Importers;
  • Exporters;
  • Brokers; and
  • Shipping companies.

Depending on a specific trade issue, trade advisory services can require expertise in several areas of the law.  For example, our trade advisory services often implicate international trade and customs law, intellectual property law, real estate law, corporate law, international arbitration, and cross-border litigation.  Our international business attorneys have years of experience in each of these areas, and we can advise clients on any issue concerning domestic and international trade.

International Trade Law, Customs, and Trade Advisory Services

Our experience handling international trade and customs cases has provided us with a unique background from which to advise our clients about import and export regulations, as well as customs compliance matters.

Our trade advisory services are closely informed by our international trade and customs law, international arbitration, cross-border litigation, and business law practices.  Our trade advisory services include but are not limited to the following:

Customs Compliance

  • Product classifications, Product valuation, Border security, Customs investigations, Regulatory audits;
  • Product safety;
  • Hazardous materials compliance;
  • Rules of origin determinations;
  • Penalty action defense; and
  • Licensing and permits.

Import and Export Advisory Services

  • Free trade agreements, including KORUS FTA, NAFTA, CAFTA-DR Product classifications and tariff issues, Product valuation, Embargoes, Economic sanctions;
  • Import and export compliance, including Automated Export System (AES) compliance; and
  • Safety compliance.

Litigation and Arbitration Advisement

  • State and federal court litigation;
  • Representation before regulatory bodies, including the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC);
  • Representation before the U.S. Court of International Trade; and
  • Representation before international arbitration bodies, such as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) or the ICC International Court of Arbitration.

Trade Advisory Services for Domestic and International Commerce Matters

Classifications and valuations can be complicated, and experienced international trade attorneys can advise individuals and businesses alike when it comes to these issues.

Our trade advisory services involve more than just counsel for import and export compliance.  As experienced international trade and customs lawyers and professionals with years of experience handling customs compliance and product classification matters, we also provide our clients with valuable information about federal regulatory bodies and international arbitral bodies.



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